Yard Management Solutions’ (YMS) goal isn’t simply to give our clients a useful tool or a method of collecting meaningful data. YMS software certainly achieves that, but in a larger sense it enables all levels of management and operators to focus on the things that actually require their attention. Yard Management Solutions creates real value for our clients by consolidating the time spent on tasks such as creating graphs, collecting performance information, tracking down lost trailers, and numerous others by having the software do the legwork, both accurately and efficiently.

What processes take the biggest toll on management's time?

What processes in your company take the biggest toll on management’s time? One example is reports and charts which are simple enough to put together, but require valuable work-hours. Collecting data, inputting it into spreadsheets, creating graphics and presentations, and gleaning insights from that information are tasks requiring specific skills, time, and often specific jobs to accomplish. YMS software streamlines this process, creating dynamic, live, and customized data in seconds available anytime, anywhere to any authorized personnel. Clicking the “Dashboard” button brings up a screen filled with dynamic graphs and charts, which are updated live based on the contents of the yard and current movements. What if management needs to know how many empty containers are available right now? The Dashboard provides this data instantly, using easy to read graphs:

Find information quickly with YMS dashboards

Data and charts are powerful, but what if you want to drill down to one individual trailer to find its location in the yard? The traditional solution - physical yard checks - require time and energy to perform, and must be conducted often in order to provide relevant updates to management. YMS solves this inefficiency with our award-winning Eagle View, which shows a top-down view of the yard - almost like a visual representation of Google Maps screenshot. As employees and drivers utilize our software on their mobile touchscreens, their actions are logged and displayed on Eagle View to provide maximum visibility and help leadership make decisions.

Eagle View: maximim visibility with a clean, easy-to-use interface

As an example, here’s a typical way Eagle View will update to reflect yard activities: a driver receives a move request on their in-cab tablet, directing them to dock door 05. After they accept the move, Eagle View updates to reflect that their trailer is in transition from their parking spot to dock door 05. After arriving at the door to unload their cargo, Eagle View updates to show a green “unloading” arrow above the trailer; when unloading is complete, the trailer icon changes from blue to gray to reflect that it is now empty.

Eagle View gives at-a-glance visibility on everything in your yard: trailers, containers, reefer units, trucks, trains, boats, or anything else you may need to keep track of. Our team is dedicated to shaping this to match each of our client’s needs and concerns.

To help reduce administrative workload further, we’ve created a built-in alert system that monitors the yard for specific criteria unique to each client’s needs. Relevant alerts pop up in red boxes within the yard management software, keeping everyone on the same page. As an example, the software can monitor the temperature of reefer units and provide an alert to relevant personnel if temperature readings fall outside a specific range. It can also track trailer dwell times and detention thresholds, alerting management if trailers have been static for too long, or if they are approaching detention. What if management wants to be alerted while they’re away from the office? Our software can send system-generated emails to relevant personnel in order to communicate updates about the most important aspects of your yard.

System information is shared only with individuals who have the designated security clearance. Not only does this help compartmentalize access to certain software functions, but it reduces internal inquiries about the location and states of trailers and shipments. The right people will have the ability to see what they need to. Additionally, the YMS Carrier View provides authorized carriers their own version of Eagle View that displays only their specific trailers and stats in the yard.

Yard Management Solutions is dedicated to making managing your yard easier and more efficient. Eagle View, live graphs and charts, and the alert system are three powerful ways we accomplish this, but they barely scratch the surface of our software’s functionality. Each aspect is designed to streamline and consolidate tasks that typically take up valuable time and energy, allowing management to focus on the things that actually require their attention.

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