If you can't see a problem, how do you know if it's getting better or worse? Just like a doctor needs an X-Ray or an MRI to accurately diagnose and prescribe treatment, you need an easy way to identify problem areas in the yard and time sinkholes.

After all, shipping yards are full of blind spots.

If left unnoticed and untreated, inefficiencies in the yard spread. What could have been a simple fix with preventivite treatments ends up metastasizing and costing your yard valuable time and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You need a way to quickly and easily spot danger areas and solve them before they leave you with a massive bill to pay or thousands of work hours down the drain.

We've been there - literally. With our three generations of logistics experience, we understand how overwhelming yard management can seem when you're outgrowing manual processes. That's why we developed an easy to learn, simple to use Yard Management System (YMS) that focuses on providing maximum visibility and enhanced awarness. Built-in alert systems deliver forewarning of potential issues in the yard ahead of time, saving you from fear of the unknown.

We believe that modern shipping yards should have modern software that streamlines their operations. It all starts with a live, real-time map of your operation - we call it Eagle View. Here's what it looks like:

  • Easily track trailers, containers, and vehicle statuses by simply glancing at your screen.
  • Simple color coding gives you visibility at a glance.
  • Automatically generated reports allow you to dig into the data and assess where communication or procedural breakdowns are happening.
  • Hover your mouse curser over trailer icons to see amplifying information like appointment numbers, PO numbers, and carrier information.

With Eagle View, you don't have to worry about potential problems growing into costly failures. Instead, you have the ability to plan ahead, diagnose problem areas, and see the big picture instantly.

Eliminating blinds spots is the first step to gaining a healthy, efficient yard operation.

Schedule a demo today to find out how YMS can provide you the visibility you need to make informed decisions about your yard and solve problems.