Managing your yard is one of many challenges your shipping operation faces every day. It's no surprise that the leading supply chain and logistics enterprises have implemented a yard management system to help lift the manual burden of tracking trailers, containers, and product. A YMS provides a host of benefits such as dock scheduling, lower detention fees, and improved yard jockey management. Best of all, these benefits apply to both large shipping operations and local facilities. At a high level, leading yard management systems provide improved real-time visibility across your operation.

Visibility can take a number of shapes and sizes. Here are a few examples:

  • Visibility of the trailers, containers, and vehicles in your yard
  • Visibility of product including raw materials and finished goods
  • Visibility of employee performance and activites
  • Visibility of data including analytics and reports

At Yard Management Solutions, we've designed our suite of YMS tools to increase visibility across your operation in each of these areas and more. For example, Yard Management Solutions makes it easy to communicate without having to use radios, emails, phone calls. By providing every employee in your organization with unprecedented visibility, the system empowers you to spend less time talking and more time performing tasks essential to your operation.

It starts with Eagle View, the live, interactive depiction of your yard. Eagle View enables employees at all levels to see what's happening in your yard at a glance including physical locations of trailers, loading statuses at dock doors, and ongoing jockey moves. Everything is updated live and in real-time using cloud technology. Need to know how many empty trailers are currently at your facility waiting to go to dock doors? Simple refer to the Statistics bar at the top of the screen for a running total. Trying to determine how many containers are currently being loaded? Arrows along the dock indicate the load status in a clear, simple way. No need to walk around the yard or pick up a radio.

No need to walk around the yard or pick up a radio
Eagle Eye view of a shipping yard
Eagle View provides a graphical, top-down representation of your yard

While Eagle View provides a bird's eye look at your operation, YMS features a variety of software modules tailored to specific duties at your facility. Every aspect of the software is tied together and updated in real-time.

For example, if you need to find out what appointments are coming up or which ones have already arrived we've got you covered. The Appointment Schedule and Intelligent Dock Scheduling System provides a daily rollup of every load coming in or leaving your yard. As soon as a trailer with an appointment arrives at your facility, employees use the Gate Module to check-in that trailer and assign them a spot in your yard. Eagle View updates immediately, providing instant visibility to your organization.

Intelligent Dock Scheduling System screenshot showing multiple appointments assigned to dock doors

When you need a trailer at the dock doors, simply drag and drop it in Eagle View. This generates a jockey move request, notifiying available yard jockeys that a trailer is ready to be moved. The Yard Management Solutions Jockey Module updates to show the driver where the trailer is and where it's going on a tablet in the cab of their vehicle. It's simple and fast, displaying only information needed to make that move. This system gives jockey drivers the ability to accept and complete moves without ever having to use a handheld radio.

GIF displaying trailer move reflected on Eagle View and a tablet simultaneously

Dock management is easier than ever with the Yard Management Solutions Dock Door Module. Using a mobile device, dock employees can mark trailers as loading or unloading in real time, with the status reflected on Eagle View every step of the way. After processing the trailer at the docks, employees can generate a jockey move request right from this module with just a couple taps. This system streamlines communication and gives employees the freedom to accomplish their tasks.

When it comes to data, our yard management system makes it easy to find the information you need to make decisions. Every action in the system is time stamped, associated with a user, and instantly available in our reports. These reports are automatically generated and updated while employees use the software; no more sifting through mountains of data to find what you need.

Each report is displayed in a spreadsheet or database format and features an advanced search function to show only what you need to see. Rather than having an employee track and record data manually, yard management software reports allows you to simply export to a CSV file right on your desktop. Need a visual way of displaying the data? Yard Management Solutions Dashboards provide a customized experience to help track things like KPIs, driver activity, detention, and more.

Global dashboard displaying yard information through clear graphs and charts
Custom dashboards make tracking KPIs simply and fast

Opportunity for Savings

YMS provides savings associated with visibility in all of the below areas. Schedule a free ROI consultation with our team by clicking here.

YMS Visibility Savings totaling $337,612.00
Savings based on customer case studies and industry averages

Less Time Searching, More Time Working

The yard can be a hectic place. Asking questions and passing informaton over radios and emails takes time and every moment spent trying to communicate is time not moving product. Our suite of yard management software provides an end-to-end increase in efficiency across your yard. Yard Management Solutions is proud to provide improved real-time visibility through these tools. We'd love to learn more about your operation and help you overcome your visibility challenges. Schedule a demo today to start the discussion.