If you are still managing your yard with a clipboard, radios, and excel spreadsheets it may sometimes feel like you're operating in the dark. Searching for equipment, wondering what your drivers are up to, and the inability to know exactly what is going on in your yard - these can be a significant hindrance to the overall operation.

Lurking in the yard are hidden costs that, if gone unchecked, can dramatically affect your bottom line. An advanced yard management system can quickly identify these hidden costs and bring them to your attention before they hit your P&L. If you’re tired of working in the dark and ready for some illumination, let's take a look at what an advanced yard management program can do for your operation:

Real Time Visibility

The most obvious benefit is always knowing where your trailers and shipments are, what your drivers are up to and the specific status of every load in your yard. Real time visibility delivers the yard administrators all the information they need to execute yard processes with increased productivity and operational excellence.

Clear, precise recorded communications

Clear move instructions are delivered to drivers on a mobile touch screen device with a degree of accuracy and efficiency that can’t be matched by hand written, radio or phone communications.

Instant Yard Analysis

Advanced yard management software programs provide custom reports with the information and analysis you need when you need it. Information that you may have spent hours compiling in the past is now delivered to you and your stakeholders in a matter of seconds.


  • Driver tracking: Makes it easy to identify your best performers and those who may need additional training. Yard management programs can show you complete driver histories with moves completed per hour, day, week, month and year. You can quickly identify busy and slow times of the day for optimizing driver schedules.
  • Carrier Tracking: Enjoy Instant access to your carrier’s arrival and departure performance history.
  • Dock crew reporting: Know the precise dwell time for trailers at the dock.

Alert Systems

Advanced yard management software will monitor your yard and alert your team of potential problems before they arise. See an example in the video below:

YMS Enhanced Alert Intelligence

Cloud Based System

A cloud based yard management program will allow you the ability to log in from anywhere in the world via computer, tablet or smart phone allowing you to see exactly what is going on in your yard at any moment. Read more about why going with a SAAS provider is critical to your operation's success.

Operational Savings

A top of the line yard management program can provide countless benefits to reduce workloads, streamline operations and increase efficiencies. The result is an increase in productivity and a significant reduction in yard operating costs.

If you’re ready to step out of the dark and into the light, illuminate your yard with an advanced yard management system. If the bottom line is important to your business, you must act now - there is no better way to take control of your yard activities. Yard Management Solutions offers an advanced yard management system at affordable prices that is simple to use and easy to implement.