The days of antiquated user interfaces with six-figure price tags are coming to a close. For Yard Management Software companies to compete in the upcoming market, they will need to continually innovate their products to deliver greater value to their customers through increased services and more competitive pricing. The changing technology market requires a system that adapts quickly to new conditions. Systems that are designed with the ability to upgrade are no longer options; this is a requirement in today’s market.

“The flexibility to add modules and redesign for systemic changes and efficiently innovate are critical features for a best in class Yard Management Software program.”

- Jeff Papadelis, YMS Partner

As pricing becomes more competitive in the YMS market and supply chain companies realize the rapid ROI yard management systems provide, demand will climb to unprecedented levels. In the next 5 years, we expect most major players in the shipping industry to move towards digital systems with efficient, centralized yard management software controlling their distribution yards and rail yards. Yard Management Software providers that are flexible and cost-effective will be a key part of this future.