An automatic gate system provides secure 24/7 access in and out of your facility while removing the need for personnel at the gate. Recently, shipping facilities have identified the automatic gate system as a critical asset to maximizing yard efficiencies while minimizing costs. An automatic gate system utilizes a touchscreen kiosk to provide drivers with a simple user interface.

Why is an automatic gate system important for your facility?

An automatic gate system is a key component to eliminating time consuming and costly tasks at your facility. Rather than relying on multiple shifts of employees or security personnel, an automatic gate system does the heavy lifting. By implementing an automatic gate system as a part of yard management software, your operation instantly saves money while removing human error during the check-in and check-out process.

How does an automatic gate system work?

The best automatic gate systems are comprised of three parts: gate, kiosk, and yard management software.

  1. Gate: An automatic gate system can be implemented using most commercial gate solutions, including both rolling and arm gates. Any gate that allows external control via dry contact relay will work with an automatic gate system. Contact us to see if your gate is supported.
  2. Kiosk: A mounted touchscreen kiosk provides drivers the ability to check themselves in and out of a facility without having to leave the cab of their vehicle. An automatic gate system relies on the kiosk to open and close the gate.
  3. Yard Management Software: When a driver arrives at your automatic gate system, they will enter an appointment number or load number in the touchscreen kiosk. This information is transmitted to your yard management software and checked to ensure the driver is permitted access. If they are, the yard management software communicates with your automatic gate system and opens the gate.

What are the benefits of an automatic gate system?

By implementing an automatic gate system at your shipping facility, distribution center, warehouse, or plant, you can simply and easily control access to your operation. An automatic gate system comes at a fraction of the cost of a traditional guard shack and 24/7 security personnel. In fact, an automatic gate system can save your organization over $394,000 per year.

Looking to implement an automatic gate system? We can help.

Yard Management Solutions provides fully automated gate entry through our award-winning YMS. Eliminate the need for personnel at the gate while improving visibility across your entire organization. Sign up for a free demo today and see how we can save your organizion hundres of thousands of dollars.