Dock scheduling refers to managing and controlling the flow of shipments to and from dock doors at your warehouse, distribution center, or shipping facility. Dock scheduling ensures all shipments arrive at the dock doors at the right time, providing reduced dwell times and improved visibility both in the yard and warehouse.

Why is dock scheduling important for your operation?

Rather than reacting to shipments as they arrive at your facility, dock scheduling provides a way to manage inbound and outbound loads. Utilizing an appointment schedule is integral to dock scheduling, providing carriers, suppliers, and customers time slots for where and when shipments should be brought to dock doors. Not only does dock scheduling increase organization and communication, but it improves employee performance as well.

How does dock scheduling work?

Dock scheduling utilizes an appointment schedule and is typically integrated with yard management software. Robust dock scheduling offerings provide a simple way to generate appointments, which include a time slot, load information, and other valuable data needed at the dock. Dock scheduling provides a way for employees to see all inbound and outbound loads throughout the day which helps increase transparency and communication.

Dock scheduling in a yard management system

How do I implement dock scheduling?

The easiest way to implement dock scheduling is through a dedicated appointment schedule within yard management software. Doing provides the benefits of dock scheduling while maximizing productivity across every area of your shipping yard. Dock scheduling implementation is rapid and integrates into your existing operation seamlessly.

How much time and resources can you expect to save with dock scheduling?

By implementing dock scheduling, you can expect to save time and money every day. The chart below displays savings based on industry averages and customer case studies, including savings from dock door and production costs, as well as scheduling and maintaining appointments.

Dock Scheduling Savings based on customer case studies and industry averages

Ready to start using dock scheduling at your facility?

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