Yard management software provides the benefits of a yard management system in an easy to learn, simple to use software package. While other logistics software focuses on bringing benefits to the warehouse or transportation process, yard management software ensures ever truck, container, or vehicle entering your shipping yard is tracked and accounted for.

Why use yard management software?

Yard management software provides visibility of your shipping yard to management, team leaders, and employees at all levels. At the same time, yard management software tracks how long actions in the yard take, providing robust and actionable decision-making data. The result of yard management software is savings to your organization both in terms of time and money.

What facility operations are managed by yard management software?

Facility operations at every level are managed by yard management software. For example, employees at the guard shack, gate, or dispatch office utilize yard management software to check-in trucks and trailers as they arrive. Next, jockey / shunter / yard drivers utilize yard management software to receive trailer move requests without having to use a radio. Next, dock employees use yard management software to mark trailers as 'loaded' or 'empty'. Employees and management in the office use yard management software to visualize yard operations in real-time, view data captured by the yard management software, and generate appointments.

What are the benefits of yard management software?

Yard management software saves your organization time and money. These savings are the result of increased visibility of your yard operations, decreased detention and demurrage fees, and eliminating tasks that require valuable employee hours. Adding to this, yard management software provides critical decision making data, providing your facility's leadership the ability to see where resources are being spent.

How does yard management software integrate with your operation?

Yard management software integrates seamlessly with your operation. Employees at all levels are able to easily log in and utilize yard management software from any device including smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers. If you are currently utilizing other logistics software such as warehouse management software and transportation management software, yard management software easily integrates with these systems providing an end-to-end solution for your operation.

Ready to try yard management software at your operation?

Yard Management Solutions provides industry-leading yard management software that makes it easy to track your shipping yard. Eliminate 95% of detention fees, be alerted of potential problems before they cost money, and track your whole enterprise from a single screen. Sign up for a free Yard Management Solutions software demo today.