Yard management is the process by which logistics and supply chain operations manage and track their shipping yards. Yard management is typically focused on the area between the entry gate and warehouse dock doors, though it can extend between separate facilities and inside the warehouse or distribution center as well. Yard management is critical for organizations looking to increase operational efficiency while minimizing costs to their facility.

Why is yard management critical to the supply chain?

As the supply chain has grown more complex, new and innovative methods of increasing efficiency have become essential. For many years, the industry focus was on improving warehousing and freight transport. Recently, yard management has been identified as a critical area of improvement across the logistics industry. The result: yard management systems and yard management software offerings are now available to both large and small supply chain operations around the world.

How is yard management accomplished?

Yard management provides accountability, transparency, and organization across the shipping yard. This is accomplished by managing inbound and outbound shipping appointments, tracking check ins and check outs at the gate, assisting jockey / shunter / yard drivers with moves within the yard, providing visibility of dock door activities to reduce dwell times, and ensuring every step is tracked and recorded to provide critical data analytics.

What tools are available to assist with yard management?

Yard management tools include yard management systems, yard management software, and yard management hardware. The most robust yard management tools require zero on-site hardware installations to ensure rapid adoption at your facility. See one example of a yard management system in the below video:

When should you start to consider yard management at your facility?

The best time to begin using yard management at your facility is right now. By implementing yard management at your operation you will begin experiencing savings immediately, including lower detention and demurrage fees, decreased dwell times, and increased employee productivity across every area of your shipping yard.

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