At Yard Management Solutions (YMS) we know that time and money are two sides of the same coin. Every aspect of our software is built with that in mind, helping our clients reduce costs and fees by implementing yard management processes that increase efficiency. One of the ways we provide value for our clients is by helping them meet time constraints.

What processes in your yard are costing your company money? One example is long turn times, which hurt efficiency and make it difficult to meet time limitations. What if you could have awareness of how long each trailer has been in your yard? Our software puts a clock on all trailers entering through your gate and monitors them for you. Using pre-determined timing rules that are important to your company, our software alerts relevant users when a trailer is approaching any time threshold. For example, if a trailer is approaching detention or becomes low on reefer unit fuel, our software can do any or all of the following: change the trailer color, make it physically bounce up and down, send you a system alert, and send you a specific email.

Each of these trailer status changes get displayed in Eagle View, a graphical representation of your yard. Eagle View is updated live to reflect the current status and placement of trailers, giving management the ability to see the entire yard in one glance. Our team works closely with you to determine the best way to visually display your yard. Here’s an example:

Awareness and alerts are incredibly helpful, but what if you could solve detention challenges before they ever arise? We developed an end-to-end automation system within our software to help our clients manage, prioritize, and direct their inbound, in-yard, and outbound trailer movements. We call it Smart Yard.

Smart Yard manages the flow of trailers through your yard based on a number of criteria. It can use first in/first out, ranking system, commodity-driven, priority loads, or any other criteria meaningful to you. Smart Yard creates system-generated move requests based on these criteria, then tracks and time-stamps trailers every step of the way.

When we say that Smart Yard can easily replace 100 job tasks, it’s not hyperbole. Here are a just a few things it makes possible:

  • Auto route shipments to specific doors and spots.
  • Prioritize shipment activity based on FIFO, rankings, priority, and schedules.
  • Auto-direct dray driver, spotter, and shuttle asset movements.
  • Manage rail and steamship line activities.
  • Maintain trailer pool levels.
  • Manage reefer fuel levels.
  • Manage intermodal activities.

At Yard Management Solutions, our goal is to make yard management simple and effective. Each element of our software is designed with our clients’ needs in mind. We’re proud to give our clients lifetime 24/7 support, and to provide them with unique solutions to their specific challenges.

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