What is Software as a Service? Also referred to as SAAS, Software as a Service is defined as a software delivery model in which a provider hosts software applications and provides customers access to this software via the interent. SAAS is widely used in the logistics and supply chain industry to deliver leading software solutions in a streamlined package without the need for onsite hosting and maintenance.

Here are just a few of the benefits you get when using a SAAS provider like Yard Management Solutions:

SAAS Benefits

Eliminate Infrastructure Investment: Give your IT department a break; there is no need to figure out which operating system version will support which database. A SaaS provider hosts your yard management software in the cloud, which means set up is easy and you will not need to purchase new servers.

Cost-effective: In comparison with traditional software applications, Yard Management SaaS are typically available on a subscription basis that includes upgrades, maintenance as well as customer support. SaaS yard management software has frequently reduced up-front costs.

Rapid Deployment: With yard management software SaaS products all you need is a web browser and Internet connection and you're ready to go. As opposed to traditional software that may take many weeks or possibly even months to deploy.

Seamless Enhances: Your SaaS vendor will be able to conduct system updates and improvements for you online, eliminating the need to install or download software updates and upgrades.

Automatic Backups and Data Recovery: If you are familiar with traditional software, you will know that unless you implement a costly automated solution, the process of backing up your computer data on a regular basis is laborious. SaaS Yard Management Software takes care of this task for you implementing automatic backups and ensuring your data files are integral.

Work From Anywhere in the World: You can access SaaS yard management software from anywhere in the world, so clients are able to connect to their data and work more efficiently making life easier for home-workers or for individuals that work across numerous sites.

World Class Security: Typically, an organization's enterprise information is more secure in a SaaS solution, than in traditional software. At Yard Management Solutions, for example, the latest encryption technology is used to protect your data and multiple backups of your data are recorded daily.

Enhanced Customer Service: While traditional software providers may make the bulk of their profit in the initial sale of their product, SaaS providers are mostly subscription based. This translates into a higher degree and commitment to customer service for their customers.

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