Each year, Yard Management Solutions announces its newest software innovations to be debuted at the nation's largest logistics and supply chain trade shows. This year, the Yard Management Solutions team proudly announces YMS Connect - your single source for unmatched visibility and unrivaled analytics.

Illustration showing how YMS Connect can integrate with any type of logistics system.

What is YMS Connect?

Transportation and logistics companies face the hurdle of navigating a variety of dissimilar hardware and software systems to track their operations and meet their goals. This presents a challenge: how can an organization accurately visualize its operation when there is no single place to view it in its entirety?

A single warehouse may use five or six different systems while a complex operation may utilize eight or more. What if there was a single hub that would accept data from every system, present it in meaningful ways, then update the information as things change? Rather than logging into five or six systems, what if you only had to log into one? What if this system could eliminate the need for slow forms of communication such as radios, while providing a single, simple interface that updates in real time? YMS Connect acts as a central hub - integrating software, hardware, and communication tools in one place.

Watch the Announcement Video

YMS Connect brings together powerful functions that deliver world class information sharing in an easy-to-learn and simple-to-use platform. It runs on the award-winning Yard Management Solutions Eagle View system, making use of APIs, hardware integrations, automated communications, and intelligent monitoring tools to distill information and provide instant access anywhere in the world.

In the past, yard management systems were viewed as ‘nice to have’ tools, limited in scope to trailer tracking. Today, Yard Management Solutions provides a must-have YMS suite that includes enterprise-wide visibility, dock scheduling, gate check-in, yard driver management, robust reporting, and more. With YMS Connect, organizations can extend these award-winning YMS tools to track every hardware and software system through a single interface.

YMS Connect will be on display at MODEX 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia from March 28th-31st.

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