This week Yard Management Solutions was featured on the WBSRocks podcast hosted by Sam Gupta. During the episode, Colin Mansfield, YMS Director of Sales and Marketing, discusses why yard management software is critical for organizations looking to increase efficiencies while lowering costs.

Operations that benefit from yard management software include warehouses, distribution centers, production facilities, plants, and more. Over the course of the episode Colin discusses the 'lifecycle of a trailer' in the yard and how each functional area becomes critical in ensuring on-time deliveries and low turn times. Areas of the yard that benefit from a cutting-edge yard management system include appointment scheduling, dispatch, gate, dock doors, jockey / shunter drivers, yard check, administration, and more.

Listen to the episode below or on the WBSRocks podcast website.

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Show Notes from the Episode

Logistics planning is hard, and it gets harder as the number of incoming and outgoing truckloads grows for a warehouse or manufacturing facility. While yard management is typically an afterthought as its implications may not impact the core operational and financial transactions, you can't ignore it due to the financial hits caused by unused trailer capacity, detention, and demurrage fee. Unless you have enough data at your fingertips and automated management of your gate etc., your yard operations crew might be spending more time dealing with the shouting match due to the blame game than adding the real value to your bottom line.

In today's episode, our guest, Colin Mansfield from Yard Management Solutions, shares his insights into the process nuances of yard management of manufacturing and warehouse facilities. He also describes the lifecycle of yard management and trailers, along with concepts such as drop load, live load, the role of jockey drivers, detention, and demurrage fee. Finally, he discusses the role of YMS in the enterprise architecture, how it interacts with other systems such as WMS, TMS, and ERP, and various KPIs relevant to managing a yard.

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